Kanban und Agilität?

„Ist Kanban ein agiles Werkzeug?“. Obwohl Toyota Kanban bereits 1947 entwickelte, sehen wir es als Bestandteil der agilen Welt. Doch warum ist das so? Was motiviert diese Ansicht? Und wie lässt es sich neben der Verwendung von Post-its auf Tafeln in SCRUM integrieren?

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Interview with Walter Sedlacek.pdf
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Speech: Does Agility kill PMOs?

Most elements of a project charter like SMART goals or in project status reports like milestones are loved to be reported to a PMO, loved from PMO side only. Agile teams typically are self-organized and self-directed, they use their own tools and methods and not those from a PMO. So, is there a conflict?

I gave this speech to the PMI Thailand Chapter in January 2023.

Does Agiliy kill PMOs.pdf
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Managing Large-Scale Projects and Programs

On January 19 and April 28, 2022 Walter Sedlacek gave a voluntary speech on "Managing Large-Scale Projects and Programs" to the PMI Thailand Chapter anf the PMI Philippines Chapter.

Managing Large-Scale Projects and Progra
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Planung Transition Geschäftsstellen (2021)

Walter Sedlacek hat als IT-Projektleiter die Planung bezüglich der Übernahme von in Österreich verteilten Geschäftsstellen erfolgreich abgeschlossen. 


Übernahme Geschäftsstellen.pdf
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Den Teamspirit beibehalten - Führen von virtuellen Projektteams (2021)

Ein Interview im Magazin "Training" vom Juni/Juli 2021

Virtuelle Zusammenarbeit.pdf
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Speech for the PMI Thailand: Teams in Virtual Environments (2020)

What are the challenges of working across boundaries in a virtual world? 

What are the challenges of managing a virtual team? 

How do project managers deal with such challenges? 

And what if we have to continue working in such environments? 

Uncertainty is high – equally among executives and employees. 

What are possible/alternative solutions and how can project managers adapt/manage to work or continue working in virtual environments? 

Besides dealing with these questions, the speech provides details on the tools that support project managers engage with teams in a ‘virtual’ world.

Teams in virtual environments.pdf
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Kurzinterview (2019)

Seit 2013 bereichert Walter Sedlacek als Trainer und Coach das next level consulting Team in Österreich, Deutschland, UK und Südostasien. In einem Kurzinterview gibt er Einblicke über sich selbst und in seine Arbeit.

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next level of agility conference in Singapore (2018)

On March 27 next level consulting brought together more than 80 customers, partners
and consultants in Singapore to explore how to scale agility from projects to the
organization. Supported by the global team of agile consultants CEO Wolfgang Rabl and the APAC
team shared experiences, approaches, and case studies from a wide range of topics
covering vision, culture, leadership, governance and project management best practices
in interactive presentations, workshops and discussions. See the whole article here.

PMI Cebu Tech Session (2018)

Managing change and uncertainty requires a constant and close alignment between the operational execution of project, the external environment, strategy and available resources. Project Portfolio Management is a proven and
practical approach to achieve this alignment and facilitate regular executive conversations about projects and their contribution to the success of an organization.

Managing Change and Uncertainty With Pro
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Using Game Theory to Improve IT Security in the Internet of Things (2018)

The paper "Using Game Theory to Improve IT Security in the Internet of Things" is now published on the Zero Outage Industry Standard WebSite.

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Zero Outage Industry Standard Summit (2017)

Industry leaders were gathering at King's Place in London to join the “Zero Outage Summit” on Sept 14. An event promising to spread the idea of a common Zero Outage understanding through networking and discussions.

Security Interview (2017)

Walter Sedlacek spricht über die Aufmerksamkeit für Sicherheit und eine dringend benötigte Normierung von Sicherheitsprozessen in Unternehmen.


Interview aus dem Report 09 /17

Interview zu Security.pdf
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Spieltheorie im Dienst der IT-Sicherheit im Internet-der-Dinge  (2018)

Mindesthaltbarkeit oder: Was passiert wenn sich niemand kümmert. 


Artikel zu Überlegungen wie man Internet of Things Geräte absichern kann.

Spieltheorie im Dienst der IT-Sicherheit im Internet-der-Dinge
Mindesthaltbarkeit oder: Was passiert wenn sich niemand kümmert.
DuD Artikel Mindesthaltbarkeit.pdf
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Using Game Theory to Improve IT Security in the Internet of Things
The Idea of a Durability Date or: What happens if nobody cares?
Game theory and durability date.pdf
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Zero Outage Industry Standard Security Workstream (2017)

Security Workstream Meeting in Milan Development of supplier network management model From 12th – 13th of January 2017 representatives of Cisco, Brocade, Hitachi Data Systems (HDS), Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), Juniper and T-Systems met in Milan to discuss the development of a supplier network management model. More Details can be found here and here.

Establishing professional Project Management within Asia and dealing with cultural differences (2015)

In March 2015, Walter Sedlacek conducted a two-day workshop for the PMI Chapter in Thailand on behalf of next level consulting. The workshop was about establishing a project management office (PMO). The following interview outlines some of the personal experiences that Walter Sedlacek made during this PMO Workshop.

PMO Workshop Asia Interview.pdf
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Project Management Office (2013)

Standards help us make processes efficient and reliable, which leads to tangible savings. They are of incalculable value in project management in particular. After all, projects determine how successful we will be in the future." This lecture discusses what, why, and how a PMO should be implemented within organizations. We will focus on relevant factors important in such implementation such as the Project Oriented Organization (POO ) culture  and will then share with us a Case Study  from my experience at T-Systems in the United Kingdom. Lessons learned from my experience at this enterprise, while implementing the PMO itself as a project, should help all participants better plan for any such implementation within their individual organizations. The lecture was given to the PMI community in Bangkok in September 2013.

Project Management Office.pdf
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Professionalising Project Management (2009)

"PM Excellence" - Professionalising Project Management within T-Systems UK. Ein Interview über den Aufbau des Project Management Office in T-Systems UK 2008 und 2009.

PMCC Interview
PMCC UK - Interview Next Level with Walt
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Cost Effective Software Deployment and Maintenance (2008)

Folien des Vortrages "Cost Effective Software Deployment and Maintenance in a Multi National Environment" beim Fachhochschulstudiengang Wissensmanagement" in den Jahren 2008 und 2009.

Cost effective SW in a multi national environment.
Cost effective Software deployment and m
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SAN Storagelösung für GM (2006)

"Mehr PS für den Speicher" - SAN Storagelösung für General Motors in 2006.

Mehr PS für den Speicher
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Escalation Management (2005)

In today's IT departments, escalation management is one of the most critical processes. It must be very fast and stable at the same time. Changing technologies and heterogeneous architectures complicate the implementation of state of the art tools like HP Openview or Tivoli.In addition, due to financial constraints, the high licence costs of those tools make it very difficult to implement them area-wide. This paper will show that the measurement of important IT services and the comparison with an agreed service level can be done at a low cost, while at the same time achieving a very high quality. Open Source tools trigger the designed escalation process and enable in-time action and information. Both the management and the technical operations team receive the right information early enough to set further actions.

Escalation Management - Paper
Escalation Management - NETTIES 2005 - O
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Escalation Management - Presentation
Escalation Management Presentation - Wal
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Escalation Management - Video

Walter Sedlacek NETTIES 1.mp4
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Notebook Security (2006)

In today's business laptops are state-of-the-art. Often there is a need to connect a laptop belonging to an employee of company A to a network of company B, e.g., during a business-visit or during some maintenance activities in a manufacturing plant. Because the laptop could be infected with a virus and thus could harm the IT environment of the company B, this connectivity is sometimes forbidden by the corporate IT security policy of company B. This paper describes various solutions on the market, which overcome this situation and ensure the IT security that customers need.

Notebook Security Check
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Monitoring of IT Systems at General Motors (2004)

Open Source Monitoring System
For monitoring of IT Systems for production lines within a General Motors plant Open Source software around NAGIOS was choosen and successfully implemented as AIM - Aspern IT Monitoring.
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EU Project in Russia (2005)

This document outlines a generic IT architecture, which enables the synchronization between the two IT architectures of the Registration of Rights of Russia and the Federal Agency of a Cadastre of Objects of the Real Estate for Russia. This content has also been presented to the EU TACIS project steering committee.

IT Architecture for Russian Catastre
IT Architecture_suggestion_to_Federal_Ag
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Analysing Financial Reports of General Motors (2004)

Analysis of GM in 2004
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