Company Work


Our focus tasks:

  • Project Management, Agile Project Management
  • Project Management Office (PMO), Portfolio Management
  • Intercultural Project Management
  • ACP Certifications and Coaching
  • Management of projects with agile and waterfall methods
  • Standardization of Project Management
  • International multicultural change management
  • International line management
  • IT management, e.g. cloud computing, outsourcing or cost optimization
  • Cyber-Security for large international companies
  • Development and implementation of a global IT security framework


Our personal Practice-Highlights:

  • Line management of 100+ employees and managing a budget up to 15 Mio €
  • International management in different countries and cultures with complex challenges like implementing IT Virtualization Technologies
  • Introducing and implementing new IT technologies like Cloud Computing
  • Building up a Project Management Office (PMO) for up to 100 Project Managers managing more than 200 concurrent projects
  • Managing international change programs on a large scale
  • Working abroad in London and Singapore in line management function for more than 2 years in each location.
  • Conducting various training for the PMI Chapters in Singapore, Bangkok and Manila, mainly focusing on PMOs.


Selection of experiences:

  • Introducing and implementing Global Operation Management with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for a global IT service provider as a direct report to the Vice President IT Operations in Vienna, managing an annual budget of 5 Mio Euro.
  • Executing organizational Change Management to enable innovation for an IT service provider in Vienna.
  • Executing near- and off-shore programs for cost optimization for the head quarter of a global IT service provider.
  • International assignment in London as Head of Project Management Office (PMO), standardizing Project Management methodology for 100 project managers managing more than 200 programs and projects. Directly reporting to the Vice President IT Operations in UK managing an annual budget of 5.5 Mio British Pounds (6.2 Mio Euro).
  • Leading two operational department of about 100 employees in Vienna and London in parallel.
  • Standardization of administrational services on a global basis, building-up international IT Engineering Labs for Virtualization Technologies in London, Barcelona, Zürich and Vienna. Reporting to Vice President in Germany and managing a budget of 13 Mio Euros.
  • International assignment to Singapore as Vice President Production. Introducing and implementing Cloud Based Managed Desktop Services & Cloud Computing (IaaS, PaaS and SaaS) and valuing this portfolio to customers. As manager of the regional datacenter directly reporting to the Senior Vice President and managing an annual budget of 24,3 Mio SG Dollar (15 Mio Euros).
  • Managing an international Cultural Change Program as the Global Transformation Manager for an IT Security framework. During this global transformation, which affected 22 countries and about 45 000 employees, coordinating, managing and steering 170 transformation managers in local business units.
  • Building up the association Zero Outage Industry Standard ( as the stream lead for IT Security. The association, located in London, is a collaboration of market leaders like IBM, HPE, SAP, Cisco, NetApp or Hitachi working with principles of trust, transparency, flexibility and agility to continually provide Best Practices to enable highly reliable IT-services.